The newest development of MAL Lighting is based on a new light technology.

The HLD© - light has enormous output, absolute reliability, and high economy. Even under hardest conditions in the underwater world it produces a durable as well as colorfast light.

The sum of the advantages disburses itself.

Light fastness

The luminous efficiency of the HLD© is up to 10 times higher than conventional halogen bulbs. It’s even 2 times higher opposite High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights

20 Watt Halogen

5 Watt HLD

A further benefit is the color temperature, which is optimally 10,000 Kelvin. This is an increase of 30% over the HID light. The benefit of its high color temperature is that the HLD©- light, when submerged in water, is absorbed many times less. The result is increased brightness and a higher range.
Unlike Halogen or HID lights, the HLD© does not use a vibration-susceptibly coil.  Instead, it uses the semiconductor principle.

Thus the HLD©  is absolutely vibration safe.

The HLD© light head was created in such a way that multiple, yet independent, HLD© burners are integrated. This provides an equivalent backup within a single lamp. Thereby increasing reliability and maximizing the life of each lamp.

If a burner should fail unexpectedly, you can continue your dive, as a sufficient amount of light is always available.


Contrary to Halogen the HLD© has up to twenty times higher nominal life span. While HLX burners have to be changed after approximately 150 hours of burn time, the HLD© has more than 50,000 hours burn time under similar conditions.

Another advantage is the input voltage section. The light head works owing to its intelligent electronics in a voltage range between 10 V - 20 V. Because of the high efficiency the power input amounts to only 1/3 of a comparable halogen bulb.

Light head

The light head consists of anodized, absolutely sea water-steady aluminum. The treatment of the frame components takes place in highly precise manufacturing with the most modern CNC technology.
The robust light head and the perfect O-ring seal guarantee for pressure stability over a depth of 650 ft.
In order to underline the high reliability, MAL lighting offers a 3 year warranty on all lamp parts.